Laura Lyles Reagan, MS is a family sociologist, professional parenting coach, author and speaker. For more than 20 years, she has helped teens and parents communicate better, solve problems and build closer ties. Her upcoming book How to Raise Respectful Parents will be out Winter 2016

 Laura Reagan Workshops

  • The Secret to Raising Respectful Teens
  • Your Teen Tuning You Out? The Top Three Skills for Parents and Teens to Tune In.
  • Whose Problem Is It? Using Natural Consequences in Parenting
  • Juntos Pero No Revueltos: Co-Parenting & Step-parenting Tips
  • From Puberty to Life Plan: How to Help Teens Map Their Future
  • Homework Hassles and Solutions
  • Digital Danger: Teen Online Safety Tips
  • The Top 10 List to Prevent Risky Teen Behavior: Substance Abuse, Suicide & Teen Pregnancy, Eating Disorders & Self-Harm
Contact Laura Reagan

Call 956-250-3689 or email laura@lauralreagan.com* to schedule teen behavior expert, author and speaker Laura Lyles Reagan for your event.

Se habla español. Workshops and talks can be given in English or Spanish.