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teenagersThe teenage years are often difficult for parents. But according to author, parenting coach and family sociologist Laura Lyles Reagan, we make it a lot harder than it has to be. Invite her on air to discuss how communication can empower teens and parents.

In an interview that can be conducted in Spanish or English, Reagan can explain why parents need to back off from trying to limit their teen’s friends, and preventing them from getting bad grades and adopt a more robot-like attitude. She’ll cover where to draw the line in the sand, how to get a grip on teen culture without your teen thinking you’re lame and how to get your teen to want to spend time with you.

Reagan is a parenting expert, speaker, experienced local TV guest and author of the upcoming book, How to Raise Respectful Parents and is raising a teenage daughter. Reach her at 956-250-3689 or laura@lauralreagan.com

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Laura Reagan Press Release

Author of How to Raise Respectful Parents Shares a New Way to Navigate the Generation Gap

Sociologist Laura Lyles Reagan’s advice can also help deal with the rift between Trump and Clinton supporters

South Padre Island, Texas—We are a nation divided in the wake of this presidential election in which the popular vote winner and the Electoral College winner were from different parties.

As hard as that divide is to negotiate for America, there is often an even greater divide at home with sometimes painful and far-reaching consequences, points out Laura Lyles Reagan, a sociologist, youth development and parenting expert. The divide she refers to is the one between teens and their parents that is sometimes called the generation gap. Within the different perspectives of teens and parents, Reagan says, lies a way to diffuse conflict and teach the adult skills that teens need while quelling parents’ concerns. The approach called co-creation is detailed in Reagan’s new book on teen and parent communication, How to Raise Respectful Parents.

Sometimes referred to as the Teen & Parent Relationship Whisperer, Reagan explains that co-creation is a sociological term that suggests each party in a relationship shares the ability or power to influence the relationship. Traditional sociology views the role of children and teens as passive recipients of social learning where the institutions of society such as family, school and church teach children about our culture’s beliefs and behaviors.

According to Reagan, the keys to closing the generation gap between teens and parents are mutual respect and tuning into each other’s communication style. Relating to each other becomes less about control or directing and correcting behavior and more about uniting to solve problems.

She can discuss:

    • How to talk so your teen tunes in.
    • How to listen so your teen “opens up.”
    • Ways the differences between teen and parent culture can be negotiated for more satisfying relationships.
    • How co-creative communication skills can help create a more civil society including starting a dialogue between Trump and Clinton voters.
    • Using co-creation communication skills to help navigate other societal divides we face today.

Laura Lyles Reagan, MS is a sociologist and teen and parent relationship expert with more than 20 years in the field of youth development and parent education. Throughout her career, she has been interviewed for local television and radio in English and Spanish. She speaks regularly to parent educators and school social workers. She will be a featured author at the 2017 ZenParenting Radio Conference.

Availability: Available for face to face, phone or Skype interview.

Contact: Laura Lyles Reagan, 956-250- 3689;



Middle Age Can Be Your Best Age – Help! School’s Out and My Kid’s a Teen

School’s out for the summer so restless teens have all the time in the world to act out, run wild, thumb their noses at us parents and make foolish decisions. Parenting coach Laura Reagan explains why most of us make raising teens a lot harder than it has to be!  Discover her unique co-creation strategy where parents and teens jointly identify problems and solutions, share power while honoring both parent and teen interests and beliefs.

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