Laura provides parent coaching sessions along with parent and teen relationship building sessions. (Coaching available by phone or Skype.Se habla español.

“Our Parent Coach, Laura Reagan  gave us parenting tips to help us provide structure and relate to our kids rather than try to control them. She helped us enjoy our kids again!”

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Coaching Program

1. Whose Problem Is It?

2. There’s no “I” in “WE” The Shared Responsibility Model

3. That Teen Has Skills!

4. That Parent Has Game! Practice & Planning

Reach her at 956-250-3689 or laura@lauralreagan.com

As the traditional family dynamic changes, we need to adjust the way that we parent. Today’s families deal with a great deal more stressors than many traditional families in previous generations. We are dealing with divorces, blended families, single parent households, dual working parents and more. Most of us have jam-packed busy, stressful lives and sometimes we need someone to support us in making our family life better.

That’s where parenting coaching comes in!

What is Parent Coaching?

A word cloud of coaching related items
A word cloud of coaching related items

Parent coaching is not therapy. Instead, parenting coaching focuses on what is going on now and how to move forward from the current situation with the input of the entire family.

As your coach, Laura will use co-creation techniques to help families

Communicate more effectively and ensure that everyone is heard

Manage family life and stressors better

Grow and learn

Set new goals

Create and implement a family vision

Coaching With Laura

Laura customizes her approach to each individual family to help create the best solutions to family situations.

The perspective and skills provided in our coaching sessions, presentations and materials emphasize the mutual interaction between parent and child. Children contribute to relationships and interpret meanings as parents do. Applying a non-judgmental attitude and using specific communication techniques, parents can help their children practice the skills they will need for a positive and successful future.

  • Coaching is not a one size fits all, discipline program to control your child’s behavior.
  • Coaching is not a treatment program for children with a psychological diagnosis.
  • Coaching is not permissive parenting.

Laura’s coaching is a fresh, simple approach to parenting, based on interactionist sociology which illuminates the tools parents already possess and cultivate others to more richly enjoy parenting. By releasing the need to control children and engage children in the lifelong business of communication, parents can equip their children for the future.

In today’s rapid paced, highly technical world, Laura affirms a parent’s role as the primary mentor, teacher and hero that children need, even tweens, teens and often young adults.

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