Mom’s Manic Mondays

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I drove up to the drop off line at my daughter’s high school early Monday morning, thinking about the week ahead, the old 80’s band song from the Bangles came on my radio, “just another manic Monday, ah, ah, I wish it was Sunday.” (Yes, I still listen to radio occasionally.) I realized, I am not manic on Monday’s, I am almost always fatigued on Mondays. Continue reading “Mom’s Manic Mondays”

Navigating the Great Divide: The Generation Gap


Regardless of your politics, we are a nation divided this Presidential election. The popular vote winner and the electoral college winner were from different parties. President Elect Trump won. As hard as that divide is to negotiate for the America, there is often an even greater divide at home with sometimes painful and far reaching consequences. Continue reading “Navigating the Great Divide: The Generation Gap”

How to Raise Respectful Parents

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Greetings all!

It’s soon to be tidings of great joy! I’m so excited because my book, How to Raise Respectful Parents will be released November 22nd.

Teens: How do you get your parents to hear you, take you seriously and prepare for your future? How to R aise Respectful Parents is your guide for how to do both. Continue reading “How to Raise Respectful Parents”

Peacemaking in Our Time

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The Christmas tree has been boxed if artificial and put to the curb if real and we face a new year. Dr. Martin Luther King quotes may abound this time of year, but perhaps it’s worthy to remember his last Christmas sermon. Continue reading “Peacemaking in Our Time”

How to Love Your Teen When They Act Unlovable


I just had the privilege of working with some parents in one of our local school districts. Eighty five parents answered a brief survey about the top things they struggle with in parenting teens. The results are in. Continue reading “How to Love Your Teen When They Act Unlovable”